Interesting Tranlation Logs

Here are some of the more interesting submissions to the Hax0R translator:

    2003-03-04 00:17:47: Holy fuck, there's actually websites that do this for you
    2003-03-04 00:19:02: armando is a fucking queer and nathan butt rapes him
    2003-03-04 00:19:53: jason's mom sux in bed and needs some more lessons from me
Editor's Note: Ahh... the youth of America...
AMIGOS PINGUINOS Les tengo una pregunta. Quiero ser un hacker, pero no se como. Necesito un HOW TO urgente para poder juaquiar a mi vecino que es un users de windows. Como lo hago? ok thx mmkay SldS!

Editor's Note: HEY LOOK! It does Spanish to Haxor too! (It apparently doesn't do Russian)

You're actually writing it? That's not to geek-like, now is it? You have to learn to be bru tally efficient, Dan.

Editor's Note: Dan, wherever you are... glad I could be of service...

fuck you all you whiney premeds who are only capable of blindly memorizing crap. for all the nights that i have to stay in and study for the MCAT over the next month (bc dumb motherfuckers like you flood the applicant pool with unqualified candidates), i'm going make you perform lesbian acts on my operating table when i'm a doctor and you're all nurses.

Editor's Note: PH34R our next generation of doctors

Well this site is obviously not very leet. i want my click back.
Fear my elite Hedwig fucking skills
i will kick your pitty asses, wait until you see my rockets pumping up your lame ass! I will totaly break you down, and no mercy...

Nobody beats my elite quake skillzzz!

    There I was laying down smoking grass
    Feeling sexy in the sun
    Just sunning my buns in the sun
    Just doing it [because]
    Playing with myself
    Out in the sun

    I was pretty far out
    As I started to shout
    When a dildo from Mars
    Swinging from a cloud
    Came rushing down
    Landing the ground
    I was freaking out

    Out in space they're a sexy race
    But aliens are not my piece of cake
    Android [sex] have little dicks
    Martians don't give me the kicks
    There's just no kick
    With a little dick

    They were rotten little mean
    Horny sex machines
    In their dildo ship
    That looked really hip
    And cool
    But I'm no fool
    They showed their tools

Hey, I can talk just like a hacker!

Lol, someone has too much time on his hands

Editor's Note: Indeed, some days i feel the same way

I am a leet hacker, do not mess with me cause i will own you.

Fear me for I have leet powers


im from sweden my name is princess, i love karolis D. He is a dush bag.

Wow can anybody actually read this nonsense, it seems like a lot of bullshit and someone took too much time in there hands to write. this translator is very gay. If you can actually read this, then you have too much time on your hands or your more of a nerd than me

2008-11-01 15:06:50: Barack obama Elite

2008-11-05 08:43:51: obama is a fucking terrorist