Old Java Game Applets

Java Games You Can Waste your life on

When I did the site redesign, I wasn't going to copy over these old java applets from 1997. I mean, who would want to play some stupid Java applet game written in 1997? Well when I went over the 404 report after the redesign, I found some poor guy out there that was apparently playing Pentix on a fairly regular basis. So to the guy from Moskva, Russia that was playing Pentix: Sorry, I didn't know.

  • Marbles - Get all the marbles into the holes. Sounds, easy? Yeah right.
  • Tetris - This game needs no explanation.
  • Pentix - Like tetris with different shapes.
  • Colors - Color Matching Tetris - Like Dr. Mario, yet completely different.
  • Towers of Hanoi - Move all the blocks from the right side to the left side.
  • Cross Section - Guide a Cute little penguin through a maze and avoid the bad guys.
  • UrbaNoids - An arcade game where you have to destroy all the robots. Very cool game.
  • Rubik Unbound - Virtual Rubik's Cube.
  • Mastermind - Classic Game of Mastermind. Guess the correct order of the pegs.
  • Solitaire - Solitaire with marbles.