The First Lego Race has been won!

Our hero, Simon, showboats his beautfiul car. He's sure he's going to win this race. His sleek Lego car is by far the fastest on the track, but also one of the biggest.


There was a bar brawl at Houlihan's after the first race, and Racer X has been injured. With a sprained wrist, he may not be able to compete in the next race. Hopefully, his brother Racer Y can drive for him. In this shocking picture, you can see Racer X pummeling the dazed driver of Little Trippin' Mobile

Hurricane Floyd has flooded the Daryl Brothers' house in eastern North Carolina. You can do your part by contributing to the Hurricane Floyd Lego Racer Relief Fund. The LegoZoomTM Sky Copter managed to get a picture of this horrific tragedy.

Murder on the Lego Circuit

After landing safely at Lego Memorial Hospital, the RV of Death 1 driver brutally hacked away at the Medavac pilot, severing his head. Psychiatrics say RV of Death 1 driver apparently suffered from massive head trauma. He has been commited to a state mental institution for a three day observation period.