PHP DNS (Bind 8.x) Management Class: Overview

DNS Administration Class for PHP

NOTE: You might be looking for Net_DNS. The "DNS Administration Class for PHP" class will be renamed and redesigned to use the Net_DNS implementation. Note that including this class and the Net_DNS class in the same script will most likely cause problems because of namespace collisions.

This class is used for maintaining bind 8 zone files and named.conf files. It is useful for adding and removing zones to your name server. It is extremely fast and is capable of handling thousands of zones. I personally use it for the administration of over 3000 zones. There is very little documentation at the moment. You will need to modify the variables at the top of the include file to match your bind configuration. If you have any questions, I will be more than happy to answer them.

Before you download this: Keep in mind that this class has not been tested outside of my environment. I do use it in a production environment, and it does work for me; however, I haven't had time to test it fully. You should use this class in a test environment before you attempt to use this on a PRODUCTION name server. I will not be held responsible for the destruction, mutilation, or other damages that are caused by this class. I can't stress enough that you should back up your ENTIRE bind configuration tree before attempting to use this class.

I have written a complete web interface to managing zone files, however, it is not ready for release. I will be including that as soon as I get a chance to finish.

You should also read the security information for hints on setting up a reliable name service. This may even improve the quality of your name servers.

I'm also working on porting PERL's Net::Dns to PHP.

Security considerations and suggestions
Documentation (or lack thereof)
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