LDAP Class for PHP

Bug Reports

Bugs found in Version 1.0 (fixed in 1.1):
  • isRequired() always returns false. This will be fixed in version 1.1. To fix the problem, search for the isRequired function and change the line as follows:
    -if (strcasecmp($this->objectClasses[$ocname]["requires"][$ctr], $allowed) == 0)
    +if (strcasecmp($this->objectClasses[$ocname]["requires"][$ctr], $required) == 0)
  • Problems with OpenLDAP 2.x - Well, the config file stuff has completely changed, which means all of the functions which attempt to read the config file just ain't gonna work. I need to write a completely new parsing routine to handle the new Schema definitions. I'll do it, but it may be a little while.