LDAP Class for PHP


The idea behind this class, is that you can navigate through your LDAP directory server using the same methods you would use to navigate a UNIX filesystem.

This works pretty well for navigation, but adding and retrieving data are somewhat different. I used a pretty standard method of retrieving data, similar to most methods of database access. (ie. search, then fetch). For adding data, it's much different than you may expect. There is no add() function in the class. There really isn't a need for one. When you make a directory (LDAP translation: add an entry) into your directory server, to add attributes, you would just need to modify the existing entry.

If you're new to LDAP, this probably won't be too hard for you. If you've already been exposed to LDAP, it may take some getting used to.

Think of all of your entries as directories. Each directory can have files (attributes), and subdirectories (entries) in them. When you think about it this way, you can rm() attributes, and rmdir() entries. This is the basis for this class.