boolean modify(array attributes)
modify() will change and/or add the values specified in the attributes array. The format of the array passed to modify is identical to the array passed to the PHP ldap_modify()/ldap_add() function.

From the PHP ldap_add() documentation:

The ldap_add() function is used to add entries in the LDAP directory. The DN of the entry to be added is specified by dn. Array entry specifies the information about the entry. The values in the entries are indexed by individual attributes. In case of multiple values for an attribute, they are indexed using integers starting with 0.

    entry["attribute1"] = value
    entry["attribute2"][0] = value1
    entry["attribute2"][1] = value2

If you "modify" an attribute that does not exist, then the attribute is created with the specified value. I couldn't think of an easy way to tie this function in to the filesystem style, but if anyone has any ideas, I'd be more than happy to consider them.


$ldap = new LDAP();
$ldap->cd("ou=people, dc=ypass, dc=net");
$ldap->mkdir("cn", "Bob Vila");
$ldap->cd("cn=Bob Vila, ou=people, dc=ypass, dc=net");

$attrs["objectClass"] = "person";
$attrs["cn"] = "Bob Vila";
$attrs["streetAddress"][0] = "c/o Public Broadcasting Service";
$attrs["streetAddress"][1] = "123 This Old House Way";
$attrs["city"] = "Normville";
$attrs["state"] = "CA";
$attrs["postalCode"] = "90210";


Note that if you have schema checking on, this example probably won't work