Solaris 8 with OpenLDAP: Getting Software

Getting the neccessary software

The first thing you need to do is get a copy of OpenLDAP 2.0.8 or newer, and patch it with the Solaris 8 patch from my good friend Igor Brezac.

The reason you need to patch OpenLDAP to get Solaris to work properly with OpenLDAP is because OpenLDAP only returns operational attributes if they are specifically requested. Solaris will perform the following search on the LDAP server:

    ldapsearch -x -b '' -s base '(objectClass=*)'

If this doesn't return any results, then Solaris will fail miserably. Specifically, Solaris is looking for the namingContexts attribute to get the baseDN of the database. This is why you need the nisDomain attribute in your baseDN entry.

If the ldapsearch command above doesn't return any attributes (notably the namingContexts attribute), you will not be able to get the ldapclient command to work. I haven't tested getting solaris to work without having the previous search return as it should, but i do not believe it is possible.

If you use an LDAP server other than OpenLDAP, you will need to modify the source code to return the operational attributes if the RootDSE is requested.

If you're a do-it-yourself kinda person, here are links to the relevant software:

    OpenLDAP Distribution Archive  (FTP  
    OpenSSL Distribution Archive  (FTP  
    Solaris 8 Patch for OpenLDAP 2.0.8    (HTTP
    SleepyCat BerkeleyDB 3.2.9    (HTTP
Note: I will not give support on compiling OpenLDAP, OpenSSL, SleepyCat BerkeleyDB, or installing the patch. If you are having problems, please download the Solaris8 packages I have provided.

If you'd like you can download a pre-patched and compiled OpenLDAP 2.0.8 distribution. Note that 2.0.8 contains security problems. Download and use at your own risk. I do not currently have the ability to generate Solaris 8 packages, so I can not release an updated version of OpenLDAP.

    OpenLDAP 2.0.8 Solaris 8 Sparc Binaries  (FTP  (HTTP
    OpenSSL 0.9.6a Solaris 8 Sparc Binaries  (FTP  (HTTP
    (Sleepycat BerkeleyDB 3 is compiled in staticly)
To install these packages, download the the above files (EKopenldap-2.0.8-sol8-sparc-local.gz and EKopenssl-0.9.6a-sol8-sparc-local.gz) and issue the following commands:
    # gzip -d EKopenssl-0.9.6a-sol8-sparc-local.gz
    # gzip -d EKopenldap-2.0.8-sol8-sparc-local.gz
    # pkgadd -d ./EKopenldap-2.0.8-sol8-sparc-local
    ... follow the prompts ...

    # pkgadd -d ./EKopenssl-0.9.6a-sol8-sparc-local
    ... follow the prompts ...
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