ZFS Backup Server: Command Line Options

Command Line Options

Without any options specified, the script will backup all hosts defined in the configuration file. When running ypass-backup from cron, you should never add any command line arguments, as specific backups will not generate a new snapshot.

However, if you need to test a pre-script or your authentication, the ypass-backup script has command line arguments to specify a thread, host, and/or path.

# ./ypass-backup --thread=thread-id
# ./ypass-backup --host=hostname.domain
# ./ypass-backup --host=hostname.domain --path=pathname 
Valid options are:
-t, --thread=    Specify a thread id to back up
-h, --host=      Specify a hostname from the config file
-p, --path=      Specify a pathname from the config file.  If you
	     specify a pathname, you must specify a host as well.
-d, --debug      Enable debugging