ZFS Backup Server: Restoring Data

Since all of your backups are simply ZFS snapshots, you can use any standard UNIX commands to restore your data (scp, rcp, rsync, etc).
You can access each snapshot (which is read-only) in the /backup/.zfs/snapshot directory. So to restore a file from a backup taken March 8th, 2009, simply change to that directory:
    # cd /backup/.zfs/snapshot/20090308*
    # cd hostname.domain
    # ls -l
    total 2
    drwxr-xr-x 3 root root 3 Mar  8 01:20 usr
Then simply copy whatever files you need to restore back to the original host:
    # scp usr/local/etc/somefile.conf hostname.domain:/usr/local/etc/somefile.conf